September 10, 2018

@everyone one more MN service website for DGM

August 19, 2018

@everyone DGM listed lcw very nice cmc alternative

August 07, 2018

Ken The Crypto

GOLDMAN SACH Plans to take on Crypto funds 2nd Largest German Exchange adopts cryptocurrency services Digimoney - High Risk, Undervalued Microcap Altcoin! DIGIMONEY:

July 26, 2018

@everyone Jobs Portal live this is the Beta version, 100% functional, we still working on some improvements like web wallet frontend, email and many things more. On the next days we will have a video explaining how it works since the job post until the payment release. The basic steps are: 1- Registration - it can be done via username/password/email or via social media. Facebook, Instagram, twitter, linkedin, google+, wordpress 2- during the registration the user receives automatically a new DGM address for your web wallet, this can be checked using Web Wallet on top menu. ( A wallet frontend is under development) 3- For sellers, go to menu new job, my jobs, or dashboard to create or check the active jobs 4- for buyers interested to by any job, send funds to your web wallet address, the checkout uses the web wallet funds 5- after checkout buyer and seller can interact via chat to start working, the funds are sent to the admin address and hold until buyer approves the job 6- After completion the buyer can ask adjustments to the seller before final approval 7- after the final approval from the buyer, the seller will receive and email with the details and instructions to request the payment The how it works video will be more detailed about the whole procedure with screenshots. Please let me know about problems, bugs, suggestions there is a contact form on the website Currently there is no job posted, i will post a few later today

June 10, 2018

@everyone DigiMoney listed on delta !!

April 05, 2018

Who knows ? Cheddur is your personal guide to digital currency. Find any coin or service, read and write reviews, share your digital addresses with friends, and much more. Beginner friendly — no experience required! Get started with any digital currency or service, read and write reviews, share your coin addresses with friends, and more! Its a very nice app available for ios and android and now DigiMoney is listed there including all details, we are now creating the members profiles.

March 31, 2018

Who likes blockfolio app ? now you can add DGM

March 06, 2018

Digimoney‏ @DigimoneyCoin 7m minutes ago

@UpCoin_Exchange We are proud to announce our new exchange, Upcoin is a very promising exchange that will start trading soon. Upcoin will be one of the best exchanges in the world and DGM will grow together. If you are not registered use my link

February 24, 2018

DGM is listed on bisq now you can trade DGM using the P2P decentralized exchange network and you can use many different payment methods. Download the new version to start trading.

February 20, 2018

DGM will be on on the next days

January 30, 2018

DGM will be live soon on

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